5 responses to “Tile Zen 4.0 update – on the store

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this because I am a big fan of the game Ishido and the previous version was unplayable due to some sort of bug that wouldn’t let you place tiles in legal areas.

    Unfortunately, the new version also has a bug. When playing in classic mode, you always get the tiles in the same order, game after game. The tiles need to come out of the pouch in a fresh random order each game. Without this, you are just playing the same game over and over.

    In addition, I would like to see a way for the tiles to always start out in the same classic positions as the standard Ishido game, instead of other positions. Other positions are fine, but a way to turn them off would be nice.

    Lastly, the game does nothing when I “win”, i.e., empty the pouch. Some little acknowledgement of “winning” would be nice.

    I sure hope you can fix the bug that causes the same stones to come out of the pouch in the same order. I’ve been wanting to play Ishido on my iPad for a LONG time!

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